When a data quality policy or a reconciliation policy fails or succeeds, an incident is raised.

Click Incidents from the side navigation bar. The Incidents page is displayed.

incidents page

Search, Filter, and Sort Incidents

  • You can search for incidents by entering the incident name in the following search box:

    search incidents

  • You can filter incidents data using the date-time picker, located above the incident list panel. The following image shows the date-time picker in the component.

    datetime picker

  • You can sort the incidents in ascending or descending order of the date at which it occurred, policy name, or by its occurrences.

    sort incidents

View and Resolve Incident Occurrences

From the Incident list panel, click the incident name to view its occurrences. The Incident occurrence panel is displayed on the right with the following data.

Property NameDescription
Start TimeTime at which the incident began.
End TimeTime at which the incident stopped.
Rows ScannedNumber of rows scanned during the execution of the policy.
Rules Configured/PassedNumber of rules configured and passed.
Quality ScoreData Quality score of the policy.
Resolved if incident was resolved.

To resolve an incident, click the checkbox before the start time of the incident and click the Resolve button. A confirmation pop-up dialog box is displayed. Click OK.

resolve incident confirmation box