Documentation Conventions

Torch documentation is intended to provide clarity and usefulness of information pertaining to the application functionality. This page contains conventions of fonts, code blocks, notes, and variables used across the Torch documentation.


BoldIndicates names of elements visible in the UI.
ItalicsIndicates a variable that must be substituted with actual values. These variable are used in code phrases across the documentation.
Code PhraseIndicates a code phrase.
< >Indicates variables that are optional.
( )Indicates the measuring unit of a metric or can also indicate an optional step of an instruction.

Code blocks

Code blocks indicate a snippet of code used as an example or the actual code to be used.



Notes are represented in boxes as shown. They indicate information about instructions or functionality.

Important Information


Important information is represented in blue colored boxes as shown.


Variables indicate that those values can be substituted with actual values of your cluster environment.