Spark Thrift Table Details

The Table Details page displays the details of the table you selected in Spark Thrift -> Tables. As a summary, the following data of a table is displayed under Queries executed on.

Note: The default time range is Last 24 hrs. To view statistics from a custom date range, click the icon and select a time frame and timezone of your choice.

# of PartitionsThe number of partitions in the table.
# of FilesThe number of files in the table.
# of RowsThe number of rows in the table.
# of ColsThe number of columns in the table.
Total SizeThe total size of the table (in bytes).
CompressionStates if a table is compressed by displaying either True if compressed or False if not compressed.

Queries executed on (table name)

The following metrics gives you brief information about the table you selected.

Row Count during query executionThe number of rows while executing a table query.
# of Times Query ExecutedThe number of times the query executed.
Join TypesThe associated types of joins in the query.
# of Join ColumnsThe number of columns in the resultant table join.
# of Filter ColumnsThe number of columns filtered by Spark.
Join Output Row RangeThe first and last row value of a resultant join query.
Query Times RangeThe time range within which the query executed.
Unique UsersThe number of unique users of the queries executed in the table.

Note: Click any row in Queries executed on to view the following.

  • The query is displayed along with the names of the tables that the query ran on. The Join Type and Output Rows are also displayed for each table.
  • Information about the Filter Column, Filter Expression, Table Output rows is also displayed.