Release Notes

Version 1.2.7 and CLI Version 1.2.8

The following release notes include new changes, resolved issues, and/or known issues in Pulse version 1.2.7 and CLI version 1.2.8.

New Features

Pulse version 1.2.7 is a maintenance release. There are no new features in this release.

Post Upgrade Configurations

After you have updated to the latest version of Pulse, perform the following steps to setup the notifications.

  1. Create ad-notifcations YAML using the following script.

accelo admin makeconfig ad-notifications

  1. Reconfigure the following Email and Proxy properties in ad-notifications.yml manually.

    • EMAIL_SMTP_HOST = smtp.<hostname>.com
    • EMAIL_SMTP_PORT = <Port number>
    • EMAIL_SMTP_USERNAME = <username>
    • EMAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD = <password>
    • EMAIL_SMTP_USE_TLS= true
    • EMAIL_FROM_EMAIL=<email id>
    • PROXY_HOST=<link>
    • PROXY_PORT=<poprt id>
  2. Add the following properties in ad-alerts.yml and ad-director.yml.

    • NOTIFICATIONS_HOST = ad-notifications
  3. Restart ad-notifications, ad-director, and ad-alerts.

  4. (Optional) Introduce a feature flag for default time range in dashboard.

{'defaultDateRange': 'Last 1 hour'}

Resolved Issues


  • AOP-1722: Alerts with no description display empty notifications on Hangouts.
  • AOP-1700: The webhook notification endpoint might not receive a cleared status.
  • AOP-1501: You might not be able to view Disk Issue Alert.
  • AOP-1270: Added Druid and Atlas in metric group in Alerts.
  • AOP-813: Enhanced alerts.
  • AOP-1722: Alerts with no description display empty notifications on Hangouts.

Application Explorer

  • AOP-1705: You might observe inconsistent data across multiple YARN queues.
  • AOP-1704: You might not be able to load data sooner than expected in the last one hour.
  • AOP-1643: Clicking Details button leads to a console error.

Hive | UI

  • AOP-1703: vCores and Memory Usage information might not be visible.


  • AOP-1702: The default time range to fetch data is now 24 hours.
  • AOP-1466: In HDFS, the active node count in Ambari and HDFS Data Node process are incorrect.

Spark | UI

  • AOP-1069: You might not be able to see stage information in Spark job details.


  • AOP-1698: Fixed ServiceNameStatus value placement in UI.
  • AOP-1688: Default date range set to 1 hour.
  • AOP-1534: Influx based metrics does not list in Group by fields.
  • AOP-1532: Edit button in Incident page is not functional.
  • AOP-1526: Creating or updating an alert fails when you set a custom value in Filter and Alert conditions.
  • AOP-1510: In YARN Capacity, the Node labels section displays no data.
  • AOP-1504: Fixed UI build scripts.
  • AOP-1494: You might observe a mismatch in Hive on Spark and LLAP queries.
  • AOP-1386: You might not be able to sort data in Explorer table.
  • AOP-1318: Time and date range are now in sync while navigating through pages.
  • AOP-1243: Applications data might not display.
  • AOP-479: Sanky chart is not displaying spark jobs.
  • AOP-342: Enhanced date picker.


  • AOP-1694: CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network Usage per sec, and Disk Usage chart values might not load.


  • AOP-1680: Queries might be loading in Tez and LLAP.
  • AOP-1594: Running queries count is not shown in the Tez and LLAP dashboard page.
  • AOP-1680: Improved Tez connectors.
  • AOP-1680: Improved LLAP.


  • AOP-1641: In Dashboard > Region count per host, clicking a host in the chart leads to an error.
  • AOP-1639: In HBase Table Details, Field size, Modification time, and Host tables might not show any data.
  • AOP-1637: Navigation link to Region Server page from Compaction Region Server table is broken.
  • AOP-1636: Compaction Region Server might not show data.

Spark Thrift

  • AOP-1630: Filtering data in Queries page is unsuccessful based on query execution count chart.

Known Issues

The following list contains issues Acceldata is aware of and is working on a fix.

Application Explorer

  • AOP-1509: You might not be able to filter out the list in the page by queue name.

Pulse CLI 1.2.8

  • AOP-1719: Added log file path for telegraf.