The NiFi JVM dashboard displays charts for the following JVM related metrics of one or multiple clusters.


You can view aggregated data or per node by clicking either of the following options.

  • Show Aggregated: Displays the aggregated values of all nodes.
  • Show Per Node: Displays the values per node.

JVM Memory Usage

The JVM Memory Usage chart displays the amount of JVM memory used by processes in the cluster based on the following metrics.

  • Max Heap: The maximum amount of heap memory allocated by the JVM.
  • Committed Non Heap: The amount of allocated memory other than the heap memory in the JVM.
  • Heap Used: The amount of heap memory used by the JVM.
  • Non Heap Memory: The amount of memory other than the heap memory in the JVM.

JVM Threads

The JVM Threads chart displays the following metrics of a thread in a cluster within a time frame.

  • Thread Count: The number of threads.
  • Runnable: The threads that are ready to run or currently running in the JVM.
  • Terminated: The threads that have completed execution.
  • Timed Waiting: The threads waiting for another thread to execute within a particular time.
  • Blocked: The threads that are currently blocked waiting for a lock that is already being used by another thread.

GC Times

The GC Times chart collects and displays the following metrics of JVM garbage collection.

  • Mark Sweep: The time taken for marking and sweeping phase of garbage collection in the JVM.
  • Scavenge: The time taken for scavenging garbage collection in the JVM.