NiFi Flow Files

The Flow Files page displays the charts and table metrics of flow files over a certain period of time.


The default time range is Last 24 hrs. To view statistics from a custom date range, click the icon and select a time frame and timezone of your choice.

Searching by Attribute

To search a flow file by an attribute value, do the following.

  1. In the search bar located in the top of the page, type current_attribute.(attribute name):(value).
  2. Click the search icon.

Alternatively, you can click the attribute value in the table to set the search query.

Flow Files & Avg File Process Duration

This chart displays the count of flow files and the time taken to process these files. The following metrics are displayed in the chart.

  • Avg Processing Time: The average time utilized to process the flow files.
  • File Count: The number of files in the cluster.


You can set filters to display the metrics in the table by choosing a filter from the following available categories located in the left of the page.

  • Clusters: Displays the name of the clusters connected.
  • Process Groups: Displays the name of process groups running in the cluster.

Flow Files Table

This table displays the following flow files related metrics including Attributes and Processor Details.

Flow File IDThe ID of the flow file.
# of ProcessorsThe number of processors used in the selected flow file.
Total DurationThe time taken to process the flow files.
Start TimeThe time at which the processing of flow files started.
File SizeThe size of the selected flow file.


For every flow file ID, the following attributes are displayed.

absolute.pathThe path from where the file is read and written to.
file.creationTimeThe date and time at which the file was created.
file.groupThe name of the file group the flow file belongs to.
file.lastAccessTimeThe date and time at which the file was last accessed.
file.lastModifiedTimeThe date and time at which the file was last modified.
file.ownerThe user who created the file.
file.permissionsThe access rights given to the file.
filenameThe name of the file.
pathThe path of the file.
UUIDThe UUID of the file.

Processor Details

For every flow file ID, the following processor details metrics are displayed.

event_timeThe date and time at which the processing event occurred.
Lineage StartThe at which file lineage started.
parent_flowfiles_uuidsThe UUID of the parent flow file.
flowfile_entry_dateThe date and time at which the flow file was created in the system.
DurationThe duration of the flow file processing.
component_typeThe component type of the processor, either GetFile or PutFile.
event_typeThe provenance event type of the flow file.
child_flowfiles_uuidsThe UUID of the child flow file.