MemSQL Tables

Click MemSQL --> Tables to view the list of tables. By default, the list of tables is sorted in order of highest number of queries that utilized this table in the given timeframe. You can search for a table by name.

Column NameDescription
NameThe name of the table.
Query CountThe number of queries running on the table.
BytesThe size of the source file.
Last UserThe name of the user that accessed the table most recently.
Last AccessedThe time at which this table was most recently accessed.
Last Query RunThe time at which the most recent query ran on this table.

Click a table to view its details in the MemSQL Table Details page.

Column NameDescription
Group NameA unique identifier for the query. All runs of this query are bundled under this Group Name.
Query CountThe total number of times this table was used by queries.
Failed QueriesThe number of queries that failed.
Running QueriesThe number of queries currently running on the table.
DurationThe total time taken to run the query.
UsersThe total number of users that ran queries on this table.

Click a query to view its details. The query is displayed along with the names of the tables that the query ran on.

Click the Copy button to copy the query onto the clipboard.