MapReduce Table Details

The Table Details page displays the details of the table you selected in MapReduce -> Tables.


The default time range is Last 24 hrs. To view statistics from a custom date range, click the icon and select a time frame and timezone of your choice.


The following summary is displayed for a table.

# of PartitionsThe number of partitions in the table.
# of FilesThe number of files in the table.
# of RowsThe number of rows in the table.
# of ColsThe number of columns in the table.
Total SizeThe total size of the table (in bytes).
CompressionStates if a table is compressed by displaying either True if compressed or False if not compressed.

Queries Executed in Table

The following information is displayed about the table you selected.

Column NameDescription
Group NameA unique identifier for the query. All runs of this query are bundled under this Group Name.
Query CountThe total number of times this table was used by executing queries.
Failed QueriesThe number of queries that failed.
Running QueriesThe number of queries currently running on the table.
DurationThe total time taken to execute the query.
UsersThe total number of users that executed queries on this table.

Note: Click any group name to view the following information.

  • The Query panel displays the query that was executed. You can do the following operations in the Query panel.
    • To copy the query to clipboard, click the Copy icon in the top right corner of the Query panel.
    • To beautify the query, click the Beautify Query icon in the top right corner of the Query panel.
  • The query is displayed along with the name of table joins used in the query.