MapReduce Query Details

The MapReduce Query Details page contains the following panels.

  • Summary
  • Query Trends
  • Query
  • Application Stats
  • Query Plan

The summary panel displays the following information.

Field NameDescription
UserThe name of the user that executed the job.
StatusThe status of the job that can be one of the following: Succeeded, Failed, Killed, Undefined.
DurationThe duration of the query execution.
Start TimeThe time at which the query execution started.
End TimeThe time at which the query execution ended.
# of ApplicationsThe number of applications used by the query.
MemoryThe amount of memory used by the query.
VCoreThe number of VCores consumed by the query.

Query Trends

The Query Trends panel displays a chart showing the pattern of jobs running at a particular time, based on the following factors.

Elapsed TimeThe time taken to run the jobs at a particular time.
VCoresThe number of VCores consumed to execute the query within a timeframe.
MemoryThe amount of memory used to execute the query within a timeframe.

Comparing Runs

Click Compare Runs to compare different runs of the query. Select the runs that you want to compare. You can choose from upto 10 previous runs of the query. The metrics that are different are highlighted and displayed at the very top of the comparison result.


The Recommendations panel displays recommendations that you can use to improve the performance of the SQL Query.


The Query panel displays the query along with the table joins used in the query.

Application Stats

The Application Stats tab displays the details of applications used in the query by elapsed time. You can sort the data by Start Time and Duration.

Query Plan

Query Plan is a logical representation of how MapReduce executes the query, where a query is broken into different stages. The query plan is displayed in JSON format.