Query Examples

The following queries are examples of strings you can use to search anything within logs.


You can use boolean operators to add more search parameters.

  • As an example, in the following image, you can construct and type the following queries in the search bar.

Log Search Example

  • To search logs by a message string Receiving BP-18, use the following syntax.
    message:< message>
    For example,
    message:Receiving BP-18
  • To search logs by a message string on a particular host, use the following syntax.
    message:<message>AND host.name.keyword:<host name>
    For example,
    Receiving BP-18 AND host.name.keyword:host4.acceldata.dev
  • To search application logs of particular services, use the following syntanx.
    fields.component:<service name>
    For example,

Search Keywords Allowed

To search within Logs, the following keywords are allowed.

fields.componentTo search within services.fields.component:hive_server
host.name.keywordTo filter search by host name.host.name.keyword:host2.acceldata.dev
source.keywordTo filter search by source location.source.keyword:/var/log/hive/hiveserver2.log
loglevelTo search within the log level which can be either Info, Debug, Warn, or Error.loglevel:INFO
Boolean operators AND and ORFor an improved search within logs.loglevel:INFO AND fields.component:hive_server