Kafka Topics

A Topic is a unit or component where streaming and publishing data is stored. Multiple streaming data can be stored and can be published to one or more channels or consumers. The Kafka Topics dashboard displays a list view of all topics created in the Kafka cluster.

You can view the following metrics for existing topics in a Kafka cluster.


Click a topic to view the topic details page.

OnlineThis state shows that the Kafka topic is online and receiving messages from the producer.
NameThe name of the topic.
# of PartitionsNumber of partitions created in the topic.
Replication FactorDefines the number of copies a topic has in a Kafka cluster. These copies are used in the event of a failover. If Replication Factor is N, Kafka can tolerate up to N-1 failures.
% in syncThe percentage value at which the topics are in sync with the topics in replication factor.
Data in/outAmount of data streamed in and streamed out of a topic.
Bytes in/secRate of incoming data.
Bytes out/secRate of outgoing data.
# of ConsumersNumber of consumers or subscribers of a topic.
## of Consumer GroupsNumber of groups fetching data from a topic.
Fetch LagRepresents how far the consumer unit is from fetching data from the producer.

Grouping by Brokers

To group the topics by Brokers, click the Group by drop down and select Brokers.

Grouping by Brokers displays the following metrics.


To view the topics in a broker, click the row of a broker.

Broker IdThe ID of the broker in the Kafka cluster.
# of PartitionsNumber of partitions created in the broker.
# of LeadersNumber of leaders that Zookeeper elects for coordination.
Under Replicated PartitionsNumber of partitions yet to be replicated.
Bytes in/outAmount of incoming and outgoing data.
Request Handler Idle RatioRatio of time or fraction of time at which the request handler is idle. The values can be 0 or 1 or any value between 0 and 1. 0 represents that no resources are available to use and 1 represents that all resources are available.