Kafka Topic Details

The Topic Details displays in-depth data of a single topic.

  • By default, you can view the details of the last hour. To view details of a custom time or timezone, select the icon and pick a date and timezone of your choice and click Apply.
  • The time and timezone are in accordance with the system time.

The top panel displays the following metrics of a topic.

# of PartitionsNumber of partitions created in the broker.
In Sync ReplicasThe number of topic replicas that are in sync with the topics in replication factor.
# of ConsumersNumber of consumers or subscribers of a topic.
Replication FactorDefines the number of copies a topic has in a Kafka cluster. These copies are used in the event of a failover. If Replication Factor is N, Kafka can tolerate up to N-1 failures.
Bytes InAmount of incoming data.
Bytes OutAmount of outgoing data.
Bytes in per secRate of incoming data per second.
Bytes Out per SecondRate of outgoing data per second.
  • The first bar graph displays the incoming and outgoing data per second. Hover over the graph to view the data in and out at a particular time within the time frame you select.
    You can monitor the graph by the following views.
    Note: You can toggle between the views by clicking the toggle button.
    • Bytes Processed: Represents the amount of incoming and outgoing at a given date and time. The graph displays Data In and Data Out.
    • Bytes Per Sec: Represents the amount of incoming and outgoing data per second. The graph displays Data In Per Sec and Data Out Per Second
  • The second graph displays the number of incoming messages in a topic at a given time.

Consumer Partition Details

This graph displays the number of records a partition of a consumer group is lagging behind by a producer. This data is represented on the basis of Offset lag per consumer. Hover over the bars chart to see the exact number of records that are lagging.

You can sort out the data by a particular consumer. Click the Consumer Group drop-down and select a consumer group.

For more consumer partition details, you can view the following metrics.

OnlineThis state shows that the Kafka topic is online and receiving messages from the producer.
Client IDThe client ID of the topic.
Partition IDThe ID of partition in the consumer group.
Log SizeSize of the partition log. The size is in general equally distributed which results to almost no skewness of data in the topic.
Log End OffsetNumber of records added to the end of a message written to a log. When you add new records, the value of log end offset increments by the number of new records.
Consumer LagNumber of records the consumer group is lagging behind by a producer or the delta value between the read and write records.
Producer LagThe number of records the producer group is lagging behind for upload.
ReplicasIDs of the brokers where the replica of the partition is stored.
Under ReplicatedNumber of partitions yet to be replicated.
Leader Broker IDThe broker ID elected as the leader to receive read and write requests from consumers and producers.
Consumer Instance OwnerThe owner of the consumer instance.


The Inspect tile gives you a preview of your data. Click Get Data to view consumer data that reads messages from a topic. You can see data displayed in the following metrics.

PartitionThe partition ID in the topic.
OffsetA pointer to the last record consumed by a subscriber.
ValueThe value of data stored in Kafka cluster and displayed in JSON format.