Kafka Consumers

The Consumers page displays the list of consumers residing in the Kafka cluster.


This tab displays the list of clusters currently connected. The Consumer metrics are displayed for each cluster. Click a cluster name to view the associated metrics.

You can view data of consumers service in the following columns.

Column NameDescription
Group NameThe name of the consumer group.
CoordinatorBroker number assigned to the consumer group.
Coordinator HostThe broker selected as the coordinator for a group.
# of MembersThe number of members in the group.
StateThe current state of the consumer group. The state can be either of the following:
Completing Rebalance, Dead, Empty, Preparing Rebalance, Stable, Unknown.
Assignment StrategyThe consumer or producer strategy used to read and assign data from topics. The strategy can be either Range or Round Robin.
Simple GroupReturns True when a consumer group processing is simple and returns False when a consumer group processing is of a high-level.
LagThe amount of lag between Kafka producers and consumers.
PartitionsThe range of partitions the consumer group reads, to the total number of partitions assigned to that group.