Kafka Consumer Group

The Consumer Group page displays detailed information of a selected consumer group.

Summary Panel

The summary panel displays the current status of the following metrics.

Num ClientsThe number of clients.
Num TopicsThe number of topics.
Client CoordinatorThe host ID that is selected as client coordinator.
StateThe current state of the consumer group. The state can be either of the following:
Completing Rebalance, Dead, Empty, Preparing Rebalance, Stable, Unknown.
Assignment StrategyThe consumer or producer strategy used to read and assign data from topics. The strategy can be either Range or Round Robin.

For every consumer group, you can view data in the following columns.


Click any row in Topic to view more details of the topic.

Column NameDescription
TopicThe topic name in the consumer group.
Num ClientsThe number of clients.
Num consumersThe number of consumers.
LagThe amount of lag between Kafka producers and consumers.

For every topic, you can view the following metrics.


Click Group By drop-down in the right corner of the second panel and click Topic or Client ID.

Consumer IDThe ID of the consumer in the topic.
Client IDThe client ID in the topic.
HostThe host ID the consumer group is connected to.
PartitionThe number of partitions the topic contains.
TopicThe name of the currently selected topic.
LagThe amount of lag between Kafka producers and consumers.
OffsetThe current position of the consumer. In case of a lag, the Offset value will be less than the End Offset value.
End OffsetThe last numerical value of the unique identifier of a record.


Events panel displays the set of activities occurred in the consumer group of Kafka services, as shown in the following image.

Consumer Group Events