Kafka Brokers

The Brokers page displays summary of usage of brokers in a selected cluster.


This tab displays the list of clusters currently connected. Broker metrics are displayed for each cluster. Click a cluster name to view the associated metrics.

Summary Panel

This panel displays the following metrics depending upon the broker usage.


Click any metric to display the list of associated brokers.

CPU Usage > 80%The list of brokers consuming more than 80% of CPU.
Disk Wait > 0.05%The list of brokers leading the CPU wait more than 0.05% of the time for a thread to become available for disk read/write operations.
Used/Total Memory > 80%The brokers whose associated nodes use more than 80% of the capacity.

Broker Metrics

The following metrics are displayed for each broker of the selected cluster.


Click any broker in the list to view more details about that broker.

ControllerThe controller that is currently active in the kafka cluster. One broker is elected as the active controller within the brokers group. The active broker has a tick mark against the associated record.
Broker IDThe ID of the broker in the Kafka cluster.
HostThe name of the host in the cluster.
TopicsThe number of topics in the broker.
# of PartitionsThe number of partitions.
# of LeadersThe number of elected leaders in the partition.
Under Replicated PartitionsThe number of under replicated partitions in the Kafka cluster.
Bytes In/OutAmount of incoming and outgoing data.
Request Handler Idle RatioRatio of time or fraction of time at which the request handler is idle. The values can be 0 or 1 or any value between 0 and 1. 0 represents that no resources are available to use and 1 represents that all resources are available.
StatusThe state of the broker, whether active or inactive.