Overview of HDP Online Installation

This topic summarizes the online installation of Acceldata Pulse on your HDP setup.

We strongly encourage you to read the installation summary thoroughly and make sure that you have all the prerequisites in place before you start the installation process.

Section 1: Prerequisites

Hardware: Refer to the Hardware Sizing guide


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or higher or CentOS 7 or higher
  • Docker Engine 18.04 or higher

Other SW requirements:

  • Details of the server on which Acceldata Pulse will get installed - This server is referred to as the APM server in this documentation.
  • Details of the settings of your internet connection and firewall
  • Details of the settings of your system-level firewall and system proxy
  • Custom user or root - for server
  • Custom user - for cluster agent deployment
  • The custom user must have password-less sudo access
  • The custom user must have a ssh-key to login - key can be RSA/DSA
  • Details of the settings for Kerberos/NO-Kerberos
  • Details of the settings for LDAP
  • The HTTPS PROXY for UI

Section 2: Verification

Validate all the prerequisites independently or along with a representative from Acceldata.

Section 3: Installation

The actual installation process can take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours, based on the number of nodes in your setup. The installation proceeds through the following steps.

  1. CLI - init
  2. CLI - Configure core - Connects to HDP and generates the config files for deployment of the core component
  3. CLI - Validate the configuration files
  4. CLI - Deploy core component
  5. CLI - Validate UI at port 4000
  6. CLI - Deploy addons - enable the required Pulse addons
  7. CLI - Validate addon logs and configs
  8. CLI - Configure agents - Connects to HDP and generates the config files for deployment of the agents. When prompted, Do you want to install pre-packaged agent?, select NO - for online installation option.
  9. CLI - Validate the agent config files
  10. CLI - Deploy agents:
  • Node agent
  • Logs agent
  • Kafka (Optional)
  • NiFi (Optional)
  • MemSQL (Optional)
  1. CLI - Create required databases for TSDB and indices for DB (CLI commands).
  2. UI: Wait for 60 secs and then validate the dashboard chart data and logs in the UI.
  3. Troubleshooting, if needed.