HDFS Analytics

You can view the following charts in the HDFS Analytics page.

Chart NameDescription
HDFS Usage by UserThe amount of HDFS storage used by each user in the cluster.
HDFS File TypesThe frequency of files types used in HDFS.
HDFS File sizeThe number of files per file size
< 1Mb, 1-10Mb, 10-128Mb, 128Mb-1Gb, 1-10Gb, > 10Gb.
Small Files by UserThe number of small files per user.
Disk Space by ReplicationThe size of data used up by replicated files. This is calculated as size of file multiplied by its replication factor.
Small Files DirThe directory path of the small files grouped by the following.
File: Number of files in the directory path.
Size: Size of files in the directory path.
Data TempData temperature is the number of files stored by data storage policy. You can monitor files according to the following storage policies.
Hot: The temperature of datasets is hot if the datasets are frequently accessed or used in the last seven days.
Warm: The temperature of datasets is warm if the datasets are less frequently used or accessed few times in the past month.
Cold: The temperature of datasets is cold if the datasets are accessed or used very rarely in the last three months.