Log Search


The Log search module allows you to stitch logs search across Hadoop and Application logs.

Navigate to Log Search

You can directly land on the log search page and search logs for different hadoop services or directly find the logs for a particular application(from applications page), for a particular hive/tez query(from Hive/Tez Queries page) etc.

Apply filters to drill down the relevant logs

Example: As shown in below image that user wants to focus only on the error logs which are generated by hive_server hadoop service and the host generating these logs is ip-172-31-92-181.ec2.internal.

We just use these filter criteria from left side panel and search string is auto generated . You can also manually write the search string.


Here is the example of finding the logs for a particular application.


Log Search results Group By options

You can group by the log search results by Trace, Severity or host for tracing the timeline of a job in various stack services.

Saved Searches

You can save the search string for future use.