If an alert continues to occur consecutively for a particular threshold, then an incident is created for the alert. This is specified with either the number of times the alert has occurred or number of seconds it has lasted.

Viewing Incident Details

To view the details of an incident, do the following:

  1. Click from the left-side navigation bar and select Incidents from the drop-down list. The incidents page is displayed.

  2. Specify the name of an incident in the search bar. All the incidents related to it are displayed in the incidents panel.

  3. Click the name of the incident from the incidents panel to view its details on the right. From the incident details page you can also view the date and time at which the incident was raised. Click Raised at to view the Evaluated at details.

  4. Click the Alert tab to view the alert details for which the incident was created upon.

Editing an alert from the incidents page

Click to make changes to the alert that you are viewing.

Filtering & Sorting Incidents

From the Alert Type panel, click the type of alert you want to view in the incident panel. Click to hide or view the Alert Type panel.

Click the Sort By button and select one of the following:

  • Date in ascending order
  • Date in descending order
  • Severity level

By default, the incidents panel displays incidents that occurred in the last 24 hours. Click to select a custom date and time.