Acceldata Pulse provides real-time intelligence across all your observability needs.You can build your workflows, and extend alerts for business requirements with algorithmic anomaly detection. Acceldata Pulse also provides recommendations and automation to keep your data systems performant, secure, and reliable.  

Acceldata Pulse provides the following features.

  • Monitor and analyze hundreds of jobs to find outliers.
  • Debug applications efficiently using the entire application history.
  • Reduce MTTR from hours to minutes with advanced root cause analysis and error correlation.
  • Receive custom recommendations tailored for your system.
  • Integrate natively into data engines to extract data. 
  • Manage all of your data systems with a powerful Javascript- based dashboard builder.


Navigating the Documentation

You may dive into individual sections based upon your immediate needs. The docs here cover individual components such as Hive, Spark, Hbase, Kafka among others. If you would like to look through your use-cases, you may click-through the use-cases section and use Acceldata appropriately.

If you are here for the first time, the immediate steps would be to get started with the installation steps. Please connect with us at product@acceldata.io, should you face any challenges.